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ChmZoomer® Lets You Change Font Size Freely in CHM File

Official CHM reader in windows doesn't offer control over the font size after IE7. It can be torturous and straining to read ant-like text in high resolution screen.

That's where ChmZoomer comes into play. The plug-in lets you zoom-in and zoom-out the font size in CHM freely. So the CHM would be comfortable to read.

Moreover, ChmZoomer gives you handy full page zoom functionality for all other browser-based applications, such as e-Books, RSS Reader and so on. That is just like in IE7/8.

The shortcut keys are the same as IE and Firefox. Press [CTRL +] or [CTRL Mouse wheel up] to zoom in. Press [CTRL -] or [CTRL Mouse wheel down] to zoom out. Reset zoom to 100% with Ctrl-0.

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Version: V1.2.0
Last Updated: 12 March 2013
Windows All, 64-bitCompatible
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ChmZoomer works with all browser-based applications:

  • .Chm Files (Html Help Files)
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Help
  • MSDN Library
  • RSS Reader
  • E-Book reader
  • Offline Browsers
  • Email Client Software
  • And any others...


Great extension, lets you zoom CHM files, which the default CHM browser doesn't. .


A very useful utility. IE7 cause can't Zoom-in or Zoom-out while viewing CHM file.The problem is resolved by this utility.


Thanks a lot, you have just ended my eyes pain. :)



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